Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashion Crossover

Yes...I know this campaign has been around since Autumn (European Spring) but this ranks as one my all-time favourite videos. Miuccia Prada is one of those rare beings who translates the 'mood' of fashion as if she's riding the crest of a design wave. If you look closely in this shoot you'll see the references to stripes and nautical themes as dominant motifs. Dig a little further and you'll observe that she blends almost nauseatingly busy patterns (like the banana frenzy on shirts and skirts!) with baroque style glasses.

Take a casual wander around any shopping centre in Australia and look in the windows. You'll see almost the exact same tones and stripes supposedly created by Australian 'designers'. If you then take a further look at larger chain stores it will be clear that the proliferation of a seasonal 'look' can stretch as far as dinnerware and bed linen. I'm already over the stripes as it takes a tall lanky soul to carry that off well. Poorly done and you run the risk of resembling one of those paint colour swatches with horizontal blocks of colour. Maybe I'm just a frustrated fashion designer...then again, maybe not!


  1. This has been one of my favourite seasons from Prada. I refused to enter the Soho NYC store as I knew I would be begging my husband to buy everything in the window! It definitely has filtered to the Sportsgirls of the world but Prada definitely does it best!

  2. Hello Mardi...Thanks for your feedback. Have you seen the new Collection for Autumn Winter 2011? Some of the prints are the same as my glazes...
    If you'd like a good website for your husband try