Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Illuminati

Coral and Twig Chandelier
I think my title refers more to the fact that we are illuminated by lighting rather than by the Illuminati! I was sitting in my kitchen this evening climbing up a ladder trying to replace a fried halogen bulb. It takes considerable skill to balance precariously on a short ladder whilst prizing out a recalcitrant ceiling fitting. As you sway back and forth it looks more like a medicated version of the cirque du soleil as you wave your arms and pivot for a better grip.  I was inspired to look at some lighting after this bit of home handiwork. I thought the above chandelier would look amazing in an ice blue room with lime-washed floorboards. I then  went further and found the Salt & Pepper light featured on an Etsy store.  It kind of works in a mad scientist meets collector sort of a way. It would fit seamlessly set against a scene for Metropolis for example.

Salt & Pepper Repurposed Lighting
The last image is one I'm very familiar with. My Sydney and Melbourne stores both have three lovely green enamelled shades hanging in the centre of the space. They all actually came from the old armaments factory in Sydney and have languished in a decaying shed for decades. I cleaned them up and love the fact they have the occasional spot of rust or corrosion on them. There's something real and inviting about them, as if they've been witness to the labours of our forebears. They also look really sleek in a large industrial space. Far more honest than the cheap imitations you see at the furniture knockoff websites locally. As it's 1.30am I think we can say 'lights out' for today!

Vintage Industrial Shades from USA. 1930's

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