Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cruelty Free

Inky 8 Months (Belgian Shepherd: Groenendal)
I had some news on Friday night from someone very close to me. She told me her two-year-old weimaraner pup had run out her front drive in Brighton and was hit by a speeding driver. Speeding aside, the issue that disgusts me is that they drove off with no concern for the damage they left behind. Luckily Henry is made of tough stuff and managed to escape with a broken leg and a veterinary bill which looks like a phone number. I can scarcely imagine how these 'animals' would treat their children if they have such disdain for life and responsibility. One of the charities I strongly support is the RSPCA. I found my other Belgian Shepherd (Claude) there quivering in the back of a cage after being abandoned twice. I would like to imagine we live in a world with a conscience and thankfully the work of animal charities goes part-way to restoring that belief. 

Photo: Inky being shamelessly exploited as model for the Bison 'Beastro' Series. David Plummer

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