Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bison on Sunset Boulevard

Re-purposed timber features at Hemingway & Pickett

The good news is we've had a busy month working on new designs and getting ready for the coming spring /summer. The bad news is now we have to make even more pieces in our collection. I also need to do extensive testing before we launch them in-store. (Speaking of which... if you are after the new f├ągel pitchers they sold out in days in both Melbourne and Sydney. We have some left in Canberra but I promise I'm making more). We also sent some stock to a great new store in Los Angeles called Hemingway & Pickett. In keeping with all things historical this innovative store is located on Sunset Boulevard. Their website lists their trading hours and location: hemingwayandpickett.com

Toby Hemingway spoke with me nearly a year ago about his idea for an eclectic but polished space in LA. If you look at his website you'll see he packs some seriously green credentials. He designed and built his space using recycled timber to great effect. At Bison we also aim to try and reduce our impact in terms of resource usage and longevity of our pieces. It's always encouraging to see others who draw on that same energy for environmental (as well as design) sustainability. He also carries some very chilled collectible pieces in his store. This would go a long way to calming down those angst-riddled producer types. Drop in say hello. Tell them Brian sent you!

Wooden counter face made using recycled pallets
Images courtesy of Hemingway & Pickett

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