Friday, August 12, 2011

Haunting versus Melancholy

Several months ago I mentioned the hauntingly beautiful holographic presentation by Alexander McQueen at his 'Brides of Culloden' (Fall/Winter) 2006 show. It featured a spectacular couture gown, Kate Moss, and the musical talents of The Future Sound of London. It is a rare gift to see a creative genius successfully combine so many design elements so faultlessly. Working in the design industry I get to attend a large number of events and launches. Frequently these are huge events with massive budgets. Unfortunately often they lack a clear concept or and coherent style direction.

The fusion of technology with fashion and music is theatre of the best variety. It assuages the senses on a number of levels and can engage with very diverse audiences. After a week which has been anything but 'serene' I thought you may enjoy this elegantly melancholy video. So please sit back. Ensure your tray tables are in the upright position and enjoy your flight!

Music: 'Everyone in the world is doing something without me'. (2006 Edit) Future Sound of London.

N.B: Please excuse the Spelling in the caption on the video....not my handiwork! 

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