Monday, August 22, 2011

From here to Peternity

Bridal outfit tastefully designed for 'Pickles'. 
For those of us who love our pets the above image begs the question... how far is too far? I think this post offers me some diversion after a day of packing two kilns and planning new designs. I'm always amazed how people can focus so much of their affection towards their pets. One friend suggested to me that this is a form of emotional transference as we are becoming isolated in our communities more than ever before. I actually view this (as I am also guilty as charged!) as a sense of deriving value from being needed. For those of us without children it's a slippery slope before we end up crocheting unitards for a dog called Pickles.
Another victim of an over-zealous knitter!
I'm not really sure how this post came about. I know it's a departure from my normal style but I think we all need a bit of artistic license occasionally. I promise that tomorrow I'll revert to form and try and be more grown up. Still, there's a part of me that finds these images both disturbing and mildly fascinating. Maybe it's time for a bex and a nap. 

A fitting tribute to the end of the Harry Potter Franchise.

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