Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nunc est Bibendum (Now is the time to drink!)

This latin term is attributed to Horace (Odes: 1.XXXVII.1) but actually was the slogan of a failed advertising proposal for a German beer company. The Michelin brothers modified the illustration by Marius Rossillion to resemble a figure made from a stack of tyres. The theory was that his tyres would drink up any obstacles on the road! One of my readers mentioned to me that Michelin House turned 100 this past January. It's amazing to think of the longevity of the Michelin trademark and their instantly recognisable rotund white character. Apparently tyres were initially white or pale grey until about 1912. After this point additives (including carbon) changed the colour of the rubber to black but the logo remained unchanged. I love the icon and the association between tyres and imbibing. I wonder if our officers of the law would view this as a healthy union?

Michelin House London. 

If you are in London this year the Bibendum restaurant at Michelin House is running a series of special events. It's also a great spot for a bit of people watching! www.bibendum.co.uk

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