Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Morning Fresh

Photo: Luc Remond

Before I start on today's entry I need to announce that we have a clever sleuth who solved my question from Sunday. The response from Georgie Hambrook was absolutely correct. The item in question was my Onkaparinga dressing gown. The reference to plumbing was the piping on the edge of the fabric...

Now let's gaze upon another shot from the series Luc Remond took of my pieces in his kitchen last year.   
It's hard as a designer to step back from the vessels you create and shoot them in an original way every time it's required. Sometimes it takes another person's perspective and styling to give a completely fresh feel to a collection. I welcome seeing how Bison can look stacked up in a kitchen or on an industrial table. I actually walked past a home yesterday (as I was taken for a run by my Belgian shepherds) and saw one of my droplet vases sitting on a windowsill.  It was full of large blooms and the setting looked so congenial. You tend to lose perspective that other people actually value your work and really (thankfully!) use it. In any case, the image taken by Luc is so clean and inviting I just had to share it. Enjoy!

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