Monday, May 7, 2012

Pointe Break

Bolshoi Ballet rehersal. 1952
Sometimes a break from the everyday is exactly what the doctor ordered. You emerge fresh and inspired from disengaging from the everyday, and approach life with a fervour that borders on the irrational. As someone with far too many ideas to bring to reality I rely on the ability to distance myself and get a fresh perspective. If you are wondering what I've been up to then watch this space....

In August this year I'll be showcasing a new collection for Bison and also launching several lifestyle ranges. It's a scary thought to move outside your comfort zone but also incredibly liberating. People who possess the rare ability to transform themselves, or to morph seamlessly towards a new career, are my idols. There's something fearless about taking that step...a type of multi-tasking which almost means engaging other areas of your mind to move forward. That being said, it's painfully obvious to anyone who knows me that my interest in vintage photography never fails to lead me in new directions. Some people look for a subtext in an image...I shamelessly look at the simple beauty of form and colour. Call me greedy and let me eat cake...but it's all about the framing! Stay tuned