Monday, August 1, 2011

Renovator Challenge

After watching an episode of 'The Renovators' this evening I was tempted to see where they sourced their furnishings from. I should have realised the huge Freedom Furniture credit at the conclusion of the show was the cause for my concern. I don't know how you would respond to the 'decorate or perish' principle of this series but you have to admire their chutzpah. That being said I have given myself a challenge where I have 10 minutes to find five objects which I would put together in a blank room. I will hop on Etsy and Ebay (as opposed to Harvey Norman, Domayne, et al!) to find my bursts of inspiration. Wish me luck... (sound of ticking watch)..."Mr Tunks. Your time starts Now!"

Mid-20th Century Danish Piece
1950's Manners Poster from USA
Vintage chairs with painted fabric 
Emerald Green Bottle. Probable 1960's
Danish 1970's wooden footed bowl

After being told to put down our tools this is the chaotic mix I have pulled together. The Mid-20th Century chest of drawers would look great with the poster above it. The green ceramic flask  would sit to the right of the poster with the wooden vintage (also Danish!) bowl slightly to the left of the vessel. Finally... one of the re-upholstered and hand-decorated chairs would sit angled (to the left) by the chest of drawers. Now... if only I had used my time more wisely I could have fitted in a graphic rug and and an industrial lamp. Bigger and better to come oh readers!

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