Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mirror Mirror...

Olivia Wilde as The Evil Queen by Annie Leibowitz 2011 with magic mirror

Mirror mirror... well, you know the rest. How many times do we surreptitiously glance at the mirror as we race out the door? Do you use shop windows to make sure you haven't got your jumper on the wrong way around? Have you ever peeked in a mirror and used it to look at someone across a room? No, this isn't meant to sound a like a bad Barbara Cartland synopsis, rather it's just an observation on how entrenched they are as objects in our culture. Many mirrors have been recovered from antiquity so we know they are not a recent addition to our design world. In fact, they also populate the world of literature with remarkable frequency. 

To most of us they are objects which bring a sense of completion to a room.  They can make a small space appear larger, and even allow a fireplace to appear more stately.  Along with the heartbeat of a grandfather clock they are one of the pivotal pieces I can't be without. I have recently come across Miguel Meirelles in Malvern. This antique store in Melbourne has an astonishing collection of mirrors (and antiques) and a distinguished pedigree in restoration. If gilding is your thing then look no further. His eighteenth and nineteenth century pieces, along with fantastic natural fading in the glass, are well worth the visit.

I think this early 1900's French sunburst-style mirror is exceptional.

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