Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Canberra Calling

This woman is serious about a makeover!
Some people say that a change is as good as a holiday. I personally think a makeover is a more stimulating prospect and I have set my sights on our Canberra store. We have been in Pialligo for nearly seven years and it's high time for a lick of paint and some new pictures. I do miss the family of geese which, although quite feral towards some people, waddled daily from their creek down to the river. At night I often see rabbits outside the studio playing 'torture the gardener' and furtively chowing down on freshly planted spring blooms. 

When you make ceramics kiln firing cycles never imitate the daily grind of nine-to-five. They often necessitate late evening dashes to turn off a rushed firing with a dinner set for a wedding, or props for a magazine shoot due the next day. Away from the hum of the city you get this sense of calm and solitude which is a truly rare gift. On any given night you can drive down Beltana Road past nurseries and a parade of peacocks. They insolently stop traffic as they stare down drivers in this strange sylvan setting. 

After my wistful description of Pialligo I completely neglected to mention we are holding our last sale for the year in Canberra. It is extended until this coming Sunday (Father's Day!) as my painters are delayed by a week! If you'd like to come, or have friends who would be interested, please feel free to send this on to them. I'm looking forward to introducing some new forms as the year progresses... who can tell what you'll see there!

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