Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Blonde!

Sometimes themed parties can get very messy. People can get the fashion entirely wrong. For example, they may wear their best 'Summer of Love' chic to a 70's party. I went to our Cancer Fundraising Ball at Parliament House on Saturday night. We raised a large amount of money for cancer research and had over 550 people of all ages dancing to 1970's disco anthems. My aplogies for the lack of postings the past three days. We will resume normal transmission tomorrow...stay tuned.

Please enjoy the absolute vision that was myself in my Studio 54 outfit. I must the admit the blonde afro wig was more Sideshow Bob than Boogie Nights. The vintage polyester shirt proved a hit but felt like a vegetable steamer after thirty minutes of dancing. There was a sensational vest to highlight the shirt but it remains hidden under the safari jacket...designed by yours truly!

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