Monday, August 15, 2011

On Safari !

Veruschka von Lehndorff in Safari Chic! 
Well peoples, I have decided to go over to the dark side. Yes... I'm about to moonlight as a fashion designer. I've always said it would be easier to make cushions than dinner sets so here's another twist. I have an amazing fashionista (Gloria Grady) who makes bespoke clothing for mainly female clients. I think I'm one of the only men she would ever rev her Husqvarna for. Seriously, I have always loved clothing tailored to fit you. It's such a ritual getting your measurements taken and selecting the fabric. You can even style the type of pockets and buttons to customise your garments. I guess this comes back to my premise of supporting designers and manufacturers who actually have tangible input towards the finished product. 
I'm seeing Gloria tomorrow and the jacket should be ready in ten days time. Fully lined and tailored within a millimetre of perfection... just how I like it. Stay tuned for further updates.

Safari jacket pattern. Probable 1970's.

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