Monday, August 8, 2011

What am I ?

Tonight's post is brought to you by an item which has vanished from my life a long time ago. It's also a brand name which many of you would recognise. Some of us would claim it made Sunday evening more comfortable to watch Disneyland. You could also play with the attachments on this object. It came in several colours and often had something related to plumbing on the edge. It could be used to smuggle chocolates or biscuits into your bedroom at night. Winter was the best time to have this comforting item in close proximity. It lives on in another object which many of us still have in our homes. The name of the company is really difficult to say when missing several teeth!

Clues follow:

Great to have close when sitting here
Always an asset when watching this
I may be comprised of this
I'm not the only brand that starts with this.
For those of you who think you know the answer... let me know your thoughts. Otherwise I'll have the solution to this quiz tomorrow evening. 

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