Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Origami Frenzy

Origami Yoda....Hmmmm!
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away....... No, I don't think the Jedi Knights were enamoured with origami,  but I certainly am. To have the patience to fold for an eternity and just focus on the form must be quite calming. (Or it's simply a type of regression therapy!) I thought I'd take a small sample and start with an item made from paper. Next we'll explore several other media which develop the concept further. When you consider the amazing ingenuity of Japanese packaging it's no small wonder that origami has such global appeal.

Wedding Dress by John Galliano for Dior 1997.
Apart from the intricacy of the construction of this gown by Galliano for Dior, I'd be more concerned about being buried by an oriental avalanche! Talent is one thing but I couldn't see the bridal waltz ending well.  Then again genius is not meant to be constrained by conformity (or comfort as well in this case).

'Hana' (flower) table.
The above image illustrates the incorporation of an origami motif within the construction of a table. Elegant and classic, it would sit equally well in a modernist home or public space. I think the simplicity of the petals and the way they fall make this piece really charming.  My conclusion is that I'd prefer the table to Yoda, and that although beautiful, the dress takes origami kitsch to a whole new level.

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