Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jillian Leiboff...Life through the lens.

Many photographers have a particular 'look' to their work. People often have a specific aesthetic which they recreate, despite having a different subject, when they take images. You can notice this if you read magazines ( as I do voraciously! ) as often the same photographers work on the same titles. Sometimes the relationship can extend further to the point where a particular stylist will only work with 'their' photographer/s. The consequence of this is clearly beautiful images but it can also be somewhat difficult for them to evolve or operate more individually. This is definitely not the case with Jillian Leiboff. 

Jillian came into my Sydney store over a year ago. She took some absolutely stunning images which created a furore among a number of bloggers.  Her ability to capture the 'heart' of the subject, along with putting some of her own in, makes her work irresistible. With a passport clearly running out of pages she traverses the globe and sends back images which place you directly within the perspective of her lens. I have borrowed three of her images below. I chose them (not only because of the Bison milk bottle!) because they highlight to me the purity of her focus. We bonded over a love of colour and her subtle layering of tones is really refreshing. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her work in the future. If I'm really lucky she may even bake me something!

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