Friday, September 2, 2011

Pierre Cardin meets Raquel Welch

Well...this post can't be blamed on the influence of  full moon, nor any childhood trauma or repressed memories. It's simply that when the Lord of the Dance meets Raquel Welch (and two backup dancers in alfoil onesies) it's hard not to keep watching. The props (other than the practical outfit worn by Raquel) really suit the camera work. I have no idea if Pierre Cardin actually designed this ensemble... it just strikes me as something he would have created. That is before he discovered the joys of multi-tier licensing and branded everything from bathmats to hairpieces. If zooming camera work makes you edgy I'd suggest viewer caution. It's a little bit of 1970's paradise and a whole lot of medication. Steady your nerves with a chaser and let the music transport you...

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