Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Swing Wing

Once upon a decade (namely the 1960's) some genius invented the children's torture device known as the 'Swing Wing'. Apart from causing long-term cranial displacement and permanent dizziness, this device looked more at home in a psych ward than on the head of your infant! In fact, it has more in common with shock therapy than as a means of entertainment. Add voltage and play! As I was born at the end of 1964 I can but give thanks to the almighty that I lived in the country. The fact that we were restricted from watching television meant that we were protected from the evils of the 'Swing Wing'. 

I was alerted to this homage to cinematic excellence by the talented Vicky. Vicky works with us at Bison and has a wicked sense of humour. The Gruen Transfer was the medium for this discovery and for that we are eternally (or should that read..infernally?) grateful. If you shake while watching this video it appears a lot less nauseating. R rating applies!

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