Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nelson's Column

This is a sad day for Bison as we are losing our fantastic Sydney Manager, Sarah Nelson. Sarah has been with me for 8 years and has seen the changes to our small design business up close and personal. She has been instrumental in helping me open our Sydney store and is known and respected by all who have dropped by to visit us. She is also the Queen of 'paper magic' and has created the most beautiful displays with a fusion of ceramic pieces and her lush origami forms. 

During the difficult early days of setting up Sydney Sarah would always be there, latte in hand, to give me helpful guidance on layout and product direction. Her wicked sense of humour and unerring eye for detail meant we always had a great deal to talk about! We wish her the best with her future and know that all of our customers and friends will miss her.

Photo: David Plummer. Sarah 2009. 

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