Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scaling up!

While trapped in the Qantas lounge at the mercy of high winds and a potential strike, I saw a tedious documentary on fishing. While the film wasn't all that riveting they did show several images of fish with beautifully coloured scales. I then thought I'd explore this and think of several other interpretations for this medium. Fashion is always a good place to start. If it breathes, grows, or flies, it's bound to end up somewhere in the clothing industry. Mock-Croc may be a good thing in the broader market but I'm sure real salties would be fearful if Hermes were after their hides! I'm yet to see a fish skin wearable piece but I do love to see how others translate this material. Below, for example, is a new paillette bag from Prada's 2012 Collection. They have also extended this theme to some of their dresses as well. Looks a little bit 'flapper' and a whole lot of 'The Little Mermaid'.

Frank Gehry has been known for an eternity for his architectural prowess. This 'Fish Lamp', designed by  the creator of Bilbao, was apparently on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. What I think is amazing is how he has not varied the form at all... rather he has embraced the structure and detail of a fish and incorporated it wholesale into his piece. Could you imagine how good a school of these would look on a wall or on a huge glass table? I guess it adds a whole new dimension to having the fish of the day! 


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