Friday, October 14, 2011

Colour Blocking

It's late on Friday night and the Queen is about to leave the UK for the sunny climes of Canberra! What better time than to draw inspiration from her own outfits to explore our theme of colour blocking. I remember Grace Coddington in 'The September Issue' being forced to re-shoot her colour story because Anna Wintour didn't consider it strong enough. So here's the rub... when you colour block do patterns on objects count? Secondly, how bright or dense does a colour need to be? I guess there's some form of definitive answer lurking somewhere in dusty design archives, but I'm not really interested in rules as applied to colour. Strength and subtlety are like the yin and yang of the pantone world. They give depth to perception and have the ability to expand or reduce the sense of space occupied by a colour.

As I've just been listening to Bjork's 'Big Time Sensuality'... (where she dances around on a flat-top truck near Times Square with this incredible childlike expression on her face!) I though we should go all out and pick three very different images which would block well together. Here we go... let me know if you like my choices.

Love this Spillray Pendant Lamp in Orange

Missoni Print in Hotel Lift

Iko Iko Chair by Jardan Australia

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