Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Dash than Cash

Ok... this is the last of my video posts for a while. I had to include this one however as it ingeniously raises several of the issues I struggle with as a maker/designer. Firstly... when Karl Lagerfeld can segue from Haute Couture with Chanel, Fendi et al, to a mass market brand such as H & M does this diminish his currency as a creator? Additionally, do we purchase these cheaper products based on the reflected status of the designer or the perception that they actually offer 'quality' at an accessible pricepoint? I personally believe that spin can overcome much of the resistance that the wider public has against brand diffusion such as the example shown by Hennes & Mauritz.

Lagerfeld, despite his unfortunate habit of verbally lacerating people in print, is a machine. A machine that has prolific output and remarkable longevity. The Youtube video was actually in competition at the Golden Lion Awards at Cannes. For some it's a clear capitulation to disposable fashion. I suppose we just need to be reminded that 'There are many mackerel in de lake!'

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