Sunday, October 23, 2011

She sells sea shells......

I've always had a particular fascination for shells. Possibly this stems from an upbringing in a town located four hours away from the coast. In the days where you collected these objects, along with smoothed glass fragments, you could fill a bucket to bring home. Your parents would wonder for weeks what the stench was in your room but in your excitement you failed to realise that some of them were far from abandoned! Even the scent of them would remind you of summer holidays with friends and endless seafood dinners.

As a designer I find the structure of shells to be very architectural. Contemporary Museums and residential buildings (You know who you are..Bilbao, NYC, Barcelona, etc!) are increasingly drawing on their organic lines. It seems strangely ironic that the more modernist our structures become that architects are replicating forms preserved in our fossil record. Prehistory is our future? This development clearly shows us it's hard to improve on nature.

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