Friday, October 21, 2011

Judge a book by its cover.

Sometimes I get seriously freaked by people with massive amounts of tattoos on their person. I guess it comes from the childhood mantra of your parents that only sailors and somewhat 'dubious' characters used body art. I guess that this says more about my own preconceptions than about understanding the human body and transformation by your own hand. Do we admire 'beauty' for the unblemished canvas that the human body offers? Or possibly we are shocked by the fact that someone would deliberately obliterate their skin under a mass of permanent ink.

I have seen truly beautiful tattoos which tell a story about the wearer while not detracting from their appearance. All too many people however seem to gravitate to the ubiquitous Celtic banding or lightening bolt style of image. I wonder how they will wear over the next twenty years and if the cool light of distance gives one pause for regret. Maybe tattoos are simply an extension of someone's identity, a code for the various 'tribes' we morph between. This video is not an anthropological study but it could well fit the subject matter for one! Enjoy...

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