Saturday, October 8, 2011

Come fly with me...

Pucci and Cardin among others made flying like a trip to fashion week!
Many moons ago in an airport far far away people actually looked forward to flying. You would dress sensibly for the kangaroo hop to London and anticipate shopping in a real 'Duty Free' store prior to boarding. Now you are attacked as you stagger off your early morning flight by someone with a bottle of Johnny Walker and a spritzer of the latest stench by a no-name celebrity.  Customs was a short line which moved steadily and seamlessly towards the departure gates. No scanners (which detail your religion) would ever beep incessantly as you took every piece of clothing off. Nor would an officer ferret through your bathroom bag as if you had a biohazard in every vial... oh those were the days!

I thought I'd take you back to an era where travelling by air was an experience rather than an endurance event. I know the rosy glasses of nostalgia can opacify the clearest memories but seriously (even should you be fortunate enough to ride at the pointy end of the plane) it has become a whole lot less fun!

Where travel posters alluded to pith helmets and a casual day on safari
Going bowling or an extra from 'Mars Attacks'... you be the judge!
Vintage Douglas DC-2

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