Saturday, October 22, 2011

We've been Framed!

I know that often I talk about respecting other designers and individuals who express their creativity in an ethical and forthright manner. Those people who improve our lives through their ability to harness the zeitgeist of what's 'current' and make it almost appear vintage. This ability to foster good design to transcend the need for something shiny and new every five minutes is a rare commodity indeed.  Jonathan (Jono) Hennessy Sceats is such a man. 

I have known Jono for a number of years (and his superstar wife Louise!) and they have been instrumental in helping me move Bison forward. With three generations behind him, Jono brings an authority and longevity to their Australian based Company (Jono Hennessy) and now his new brand, Carter Bond. I had my first pair of Jonathan Sceats glasses... neon blue frames with clear glass... in the mid 1980's. They were designed at the peak of the New Romantic Movement and Australia was an exciting placed for emerging fashion. Oxford Street was the centre of the universe and Katie Pye, Jennie Kee, Stuart Membery and Cash Palace were seriously hot. 

Jono and Louise have just launched a blog/website which features designers who inspire them called Stars of Independents. Bison is featured as one of these. They have even asked me some pointed questions about who and what inspires our collection and the basis behind our business. Please have a look if you are interested...because if Moby wears them I must be on the right track!  

Jono Hennessy frames. Photo: Hilary Wardhaugh

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