Monday, October 31, 2011

Styling Up!

Several weeks ago I started working together with Grant Turner (Photographer/Art Director) and Melinda Ashton-Turner (Stylist Supremo and Producer) pulling some new images together for Bison. When you spend so much time at the 'coal face' ( the Canberra Studio!) it's hard to have the time to keep the visual part of the business growing. I had a sensational two days with my friends, and their talented daughter Lola, working on some new concepts. It was truly rewarding to see the images come through and I promise a lot more will be forthcoming over the next month or so. Here's a taster for the moment as I'll shortly be putting some on our website.


Photographer: Grant Turner. Styled by: Melinda Ashton-Turner

Oh....and for those of you who have replied to me about yesterday's 'What am I?' post, I'll hold the answer over until tomorrow. You can also reply via comments on the blog as well as email us directly!

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