Saturday, September 10, 2011

Industrial Evolution

I spent Friday evening with two incredibly talented friends and their daughter in Sydney. They, along with my long-suffering partner, have caused me to rethink my future plans. I am in the process of instigating huge changes in both my collection and personal direction. While it's undoubtedly rewarding to work closely with my studio it can detract from my creative input. The long and the short of it means I'll be spending a lot more time evolving Bison and really getting the opportunity to enjoy this process. I have been a long-time secret e-stylist...collecting pieces (and elements) which to me contribute to the integrity of an image.

I thought for today's post I'd pick a few objects and place them together in a shoot based around a workbench and some vintage and contemporary tools. Imagination is a wonderful gift, so when I describe how I'd place the pieces together just humour me and politely agree. (Joke!) Firstly I thought we'd start with a rustic long table with the appropriately faded wall behind it. Amber bottles give it a simple charm which we'll exploit as we go on. 

Next we'll insert a vintage oil can. I'd probably place it to the far right of the amber bottles.

Finally I think we need a tool box. One which appears modern but could have a slightly retro reference. This could be placed on an angle next to the stool (to the right)...or further under the table. 

I think these colours would really pop (to use a fashion term) and would work with the slightly 'old masters' feel that I love about this composition. Watch this space as shortly I'll be posting some images I'll be working on together with my talented friends.

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