Monday, September 12, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder

Linda Evangelista for Barney's New York 1991-1992 by Steven Meisel. 
Advertising and editorial are two very different creatures. One is the tool of marketers (or business owners) seeking to promote a brand or product. The other is the reflection of current design and taste through the eyes of stylists and/or editors. I thought this evening I'd pick three advertisements which I have always found either elegant, directional, or simply visually arresting. Interestingly two of the three hark from the 1990's and the third is from 2011. As a designer I look for elements in images. By this I mean colour, objects and their placement, and the 'intent' of the framing. I know that quite often I find a picture appealing but it's only when I dissect the components that I realise the focus and line of vision are what draw you in.

In the Barney's campaign it's primarily the shot on the left with Evangelista and the butterflies which I love. There's a direct freshness with this image and the butterfly on her nose has the potential for childlike exuberance. At the same time it's a very simple shot but incredibly unaffected.

Campaign featuring Monica Bellucci for Dolce & Gabbana. Meisel 1992
This image is pure va-va-voom! It's La Dolce Vita meets mafioso. It's a strong shot with a woman seemingly in control, aware that all of the attention (including the camera) is focused on her. It's also a surprisingly innocent expression on her face...considering how she's placed.

This final shot is by Jardan Furniture from their 2011 product range. I really admire their design aesthetic (and they are one of the few companies which actually produce their range in Australia!) and their use of bold colour is fantastic. Even the chaotic arrangement of the pieces isn't jarring. Over the next month I'll start working on some interesting campaigns myself...along with the fiercely gifted Melinda Ashton-Turner. Watch this space!

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