Friday, September 23, 2011

Casa Hyder. San Miguel de Allende

Recently I spent time with a wonderful friend and her family at her Aunt's Holiday Villa in San Miguel de Allende. This beautiful setting is a UNESCO World Heritage listed town north of Mexico City. In high summer it's a balmy 24 - 26 degrees and the domes of the Baroque Cathedral stand proud in the night sky. Apart from the fact that we had loads of guests and family to share this with it's a truly remarkable location.

The Casa Hyder was originally a series of houses purchased and rebuilt by Elton and Martha Hyder. They started this process in 1959 and now it covers several city blocks in the centre of the town. Martha was a serious collector and this home is a testament to her vision of preserving Mexican art and history.

Vogue Australia did a shoot in San Miguel this winter. If they'd seen this house they would have never been short of locations. It balances this incredible richness of colour with a sensibility that seems completely unaffected. I went back to Australia with an entirely different insight on how tones can be layered or blocked together. I thought I'd simply share a few images of this very special place as it had a big impact on me personally as well as professionally.

All images courtesy of David Plummer

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