Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turning Turtle

After a couple of days lazing in Tropical North Queensland I spent an afternoon 'turtle watching' on the beach in Townsville. These amazing animals would surface every 20 minutes or so for a quick peek and then dive again to graze on their own personal seafood buffet. Despite their bulky shells they moved with a lazy nonchalance that had many small children enthralled.

Eighteen months ago I was with my partner in Trinidad and Tobago. We spent several weekends at a resort called Gran Rivière which featured small bats flying around in your bungalow every evening. The real excitement happened overnight when huge leatherback turtles dragged themselves up on the beach, dug deep holes, and proceeded to lay their eggs. If you got up early enough you would see these gentle creatures dragging themselves back down to the water and out to sea. While this post appears like a commentary from David Attenborough I actually wanted to use this example of how nature continually provides me with ideas for forms and tones.

Image: David Plummer

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