Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introducing the Fågel Pitcher

When we make pieces in our studio we draw on the heritage of thousands of years of collective knowledge and practical experience. I have shards of Mesopotamian, Hellenistic and Ottoman pottery, which all would have influenced the work we produce today. From the pressing of our logo in the foot of every piece, to the application of the sprig mold on various forms, the talent of my staff is supported by techniques past down and modernised over numerous millennia. We employ three forms of production to manufacture our range. Hand-thrown vessels are crafted on the wheel, a hydraulic press makes plates, and we slip cast to produce forms that are not in the round. The above Fågel Pitcher is made using the latter process. 

Fågel is actually Swedish for 'bird.' If you look at the angle of the spout and the form of the beak you can clearly see its genesis. The pitcher is a new form we have just finished testing and the photo shows the shape at the model stage before we start making molds to pour from. Each piece is removed and cleaned by hand and then we manipulate the 'beak' to create a lovely angle for the spout. Up to sixteen pairs of hands touch every piece on its path from raw clay to finished item. With this level of complexity maybe I would have been better off designing cushions! 

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