Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chaos Theory

Poppies are one of those flowers which alert you to the arrival of spring long before it actually starts. They sit in tightly packed bunches in fruit and vegetable stores at markets offering amazing beauty for a tiny sum. For some strange reason they remind me of ballet dancers. When the flowers suddenly pop open and reveal their fabric-like petals it's always when you are not looking. They are one of those blooms which constantly surprise you. Their almost insect-like shells peel off like a chrysalis and the petals unfold in rich tones accompanied by a slightly sweet smell.

If  your central heating is on it forces them to open quickly with the added benefit of a dynamic floral display which can last up to 10 days. Our neighbour when we were children (Mrs. Fippits... we couldn't pronounce 'Phillips') took care of us after school and let us play in her garden. My brother and I would have bets on what colours her poppies would be. We'd sneakily peel back the casing and then see who'd won. This inevitably led to a floral carnage of sorts as we tried to re-seal the poppies with limited success. I always wait for them to come into season and buy huge bunches for my retail spaces. This particular display was shot in  my Canberra store and the shower of dropping petals made it even more poignant.

Image: David Plummer

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  1. Poppies are one of my favourites . . .
    long live the pudding bowl!