Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Collective Talent

Okay, so I know the window is so clean that you can see my reflection taking the picture... but I'll live with that!  What I'd like you to see is how we have constructed a composite number of pieces, or layers to the image,  for this display. After setting up the window I walked away and reflected on the brief we had attempted to follow. 'Design that Moves' is a very loose theme in terms of interpretation. I represented this directive in several ways. Firstly, I hand-painted a chess board ( on my kitchen bench at midnight) to allow the penguins to be situated within the framework of a game. This playing field was balanced by an origami starburst (crafted by the talented Sarah... my Sydney Bison Manager) and edged by two walls of tiered coloured vessels. 

People have been coming in to the store for the past two days offering their suggestions on what the window says to them. To me it was the sum of a number of concepts which run in tandem. Does the chess board and the opposing monochromatic teams suggest we see the world in black and white? Are we playing a game with nature and seeing crowding, global warming, and a populace of mixed races having to weigh up our actions? Or do I simply have a display designed to attract people to my store... not to reflect, but simply to admire the repetition of form with the fairy penguins? After all, they are synonymous with Victoria and to many people offer a positive association or memory. The words of Thoreau encapsulate it beautifully. It's our ability to interpret what we see rather than just note the surface of the things we observe.  

Image: Brian Tunks

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