Sunday, July 17, 2011

Add concept and stir!

D-Day for setting up our window for the 'State of Design Festival' has arrived. I'll take an image tomorrow of the finished 'installation' and try and give you some insight in to how we interpreted the theme. I suppose the beauty of this year's concept is that 'Design that Moves' can be expressed in a variety of ways. You could ask yourself if it points to physical movement, emotive, or even conceptual. Rather than spend an eternity naval gazing I have pulled together numerous references which fall under the core premise of this event. 

Design events can be notoriously 'heavy' occasions. By this I mean that they can be overshadowed by designers being more concerned about how their work will be received as opposed to enjoying the exposure.( I always felt that an audience clad only in black reminded me of a pack of crows about to peck your work to pieces! ) My display will be all about colour... and movement... and completely open to interpretation. Now all I need to happen is my suitcase full of props goes to Denpassar. 

Please excuse the image. Taken with my phone in a mad hurry. 

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