Monday, July 25, 2011

Prints Charming

I was watching 'The Renovators' this evening and agreed when Robyn Holt said to one of the contestants that her room needed artwork on the walls. In order to breathe life in to a neutral space you require 'colour and movement' on large surface areas. If you haven't got a spare $40000.00 for a Minnie Pearl painting then perhaps collectible vintage posters are worth a look. I swear that if  I glimpse another feature wall with heavily patterned wallpaper I'll escape to the hills! Back to posters... have you ever purchased them online, or does the worry of buying fakes scare you off? 

I have obtained them from sellers all around the world (even in markets in Havana) and have yet to be disappointed. Regardless of subject I tend to find the best format is approximately 90cm x 128cm . This seems to be the standard for a number of prints from the 1950's and they frame up beautifully. As you saw with my earlier post on Asterix and Obelix they can change the mood of a room simply by the use of context. Vintage product or brand posters tend to be very simple in their message and often used bold colour and font. In modern homes (where warmth tends to be seen as public enemy number one!) they enliven a space and make a great conversation piece. Considering they can range from several hundred dollars upwards, posters make a viable option to start a collection.

The two last images come from Galerie Montmartre in Melbourne. They have an amazing collection for sale and possess the rare ability to discuss the provenance and style of the works.

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