Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flame Thrower : Meghan Douglas

Let me introduce you to Ms Meghan Douglas. I read last week that science is predicting that redheads will go the way of the dodo owing to changes in global genetic diversity... I sincerely hope this isn't the case. Since Meghan is an 'enhanced' redhead I guess all this concern is irrelevant. But I digress... the point to this post is that I recall the 1990's as an extremely productive period for images which put the sense of theatre back in to design. This applied to both fashion and interiors, the legacy of which is still carrying over  to contemporary campaigns. 

I recently saw some vintage (if you can call the 90's as such) advertisements for Ferragamo loafers and Chanel bags. They both represented their products in a variety of colours but the core principle was repetition of form. I'll explore this issue more fully in another post but I guess for me these images trigger another  memory. With technology advancing and morphing at a rate that defies belief it was the mid 1990's which really saw the toddler steps of the internet age. Photoshop was also emerging in the advertising market with profound effects for blurring the line between tangible and unattainable. From a niche within the film industry it came to be the ubiquitous presence we see on every shiny magazine cover. That being said I wonder what Meghan looks like today? One can but hypothesize, but I'm betting she's still a glamazon.

Vogue Paris 1995 Cover: Mario Testino. Editorial Vogue Italia Shot: Steven Meisel. 

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