Saturday, July 16, 2011

To have or to hold?

In the course of the average day I would probably have several ideas for shapes or forms for my collection. Sometimes these concepts are just fanciful, as opposed to practical, but they help to keep me focussed. One of the most difficult aspects I face is determining which shapes I keep as classics, or selecting  pieces to retire. As we have grown steadily over the past 14 years we have increased our profiles to nearly 140 shapes in number. Add to that approximately 28 colours and you have a minefield when you try to produce all of these pieces in every possible combination. As we make our pieces either by hand; slip casting, or pressing, our range is very labour intensive.

Often I receive suggestions on objects people would like to see added to the range. The only issue we face with this is that we can't simply add potters to our workforce as their skills are not commonplace. We will be creating some new shapes later this year as I'm working on some exciting developments and shapes. I guess having your own design company and the means to make your own pieces has to have it's advantages! For those of you who collect and support Bison, we are always open to hearing your thoughts. On that note... I'll be setting up my window tomorrow for the State of Design Festival in Melbourne. I'll blog about it and try and supply you with some respectable images. If you are in Melbourne drop by as I'll be in-store sporadically on Monday and Tuesday. Best Brian.

Image: Latte Bowls Photographer: David Plummer   

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