Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tin Toys

These two Disney characters were purchased on a trip to the UK several years ago. I clearly remember my mother sending my toys off to children who'd lost everything in cyclone Tracy (December 1974). I also remember (and no suppression therapy will disguise this crime!) that my Lost in Space robot was one of those items. Of course you can't begrudge goodwill but I was more concerned that the child who received this bounty would appreciate how cool he was. This brings me to my next point... does a toy have to be sophisticated to be valued?

Do we favour our lima rail over our off-cut wooden block set? Does your colouring in book rate more highly than Barbie with a campervan full of pink furniture? My answer would be that more moving parts translates to more things to lose. The funny thing about this is that as we age I notice that many of us try get to get rid of superfluous things in our homes. We in a sense devolve back to a simpler life with uncomplicated surroundings. Nevertheless I still wonder where my robot ended up and if I may even see him one night on an episode of 'Collectors'. 

Photo: Brian Tunks

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