Friday, July 8, 2011

Colour Therapy

This image was taken from our balcony overlooking the Coral Sea in Far North Queensland. I've mentioned previously how layering of colour is something that I try to translate with our glaze finishes. There's a very simple reason for this... nature has evolved an uncanny knack of blending rich and complimentary shades together. The shot posted today was taken at dawn where the tones and colours of the sky convey a sense of quiet calm. On reflection when we received postcards (in the distant days of snail mail!) they often featured images with a richly lit sky or background. While the scene or subject may be beautiful it's often the colour of the framing scenery which defines the 'mood' of the image. Take away the strong natural sunlight during the majority of the day and you get angled light which allows the subtlety of colour to be clearly manifested both at dawn and dusk. Speaking of which... if you are aiming for a rich golden light for a portrait then late afternoon waning sunshine can have the same effect as a good dose of photoshop!!!!

Image: David Plummer

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