Wednesday, July 6, 2011

State of Design Festival Melbourne

The State of Design Festival In Melbourne has the creative community buzzing. It's a chance for emerging designers to showcase their wares at both a wholesale and retail level. People have the opportunity to get up close and personal with innovative creators and merchandising gurus. I have included this shot of Bison Melbourne (Shop 9, Howey Place) as we have been invited to be a part of this year's event. Starting on July 18th approximately 20 or so larger and individual boutique stores will create a window to support this year's theme. Each of us have to elaborate on the concept of 'Design that Moves'. The path between these venues is marked as  'Look, Stop, Shop!'  

I will take some images as we set our display up and hopefully you won't see me rocking in a corner with a shocking case of stage fright! It's a daunting yet challenging sensation putting yourself 'out there' as a designer. Being located in one of Melbourne's renowned laneways gives this space such a lovely sense of history and evolution. One small piece of trivia is that my wonderful Melbourne Manager (Lady Lee) started her working life running bolts of fabric between stores near Bison in the 1960's. The rag trade was alive and well at that point in the city and the rejuvenation of these locations has a sense of coming full circle. (We will be setting up on Sunday 17th July and 'Look. Stop. Shop' runs from Monday July 18th until Sunday July 31st). If you are in Melbourne please drop by. Tell us how you interpret our display... and let us know if it moves you!

Photo: David Plummer

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