Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Senate

I took this image  inside our Melbourne store today. We spent an eventful evening on Sunday setting up our themed window for the Monday launch. I missed posting yesterday after I face-planted with a huge metal rubbish bin in a dark and rainy laneway. (There's wisdom in those 'Walk... don't run!' stickers you see at schools). Regardless of my adventures the display was completed on time and with a minimum of compromises. If anything this opportunity has given me a renewed enthusiasm for creative merchandising.

This image is just a tempter for you. Tomorrow I'll post the window in-full so you can see the overall effect. The above shot features the fairy penguins en masse on stands and also in rows on a chess board. They are poised like silent sentinels, each with their own colour and individuality. Some people have suggested to me that the board is full of both black and white penguins engaged in some form of conflict. Personally I love the reflection on the bellies of the gunmetal ones. The board (or game) is transposed on to the actual players as it were. Maybe you can suggest what this tableau is saying... or possibly you should wait until you see the text on the window to determine your answers. At least this is more visual than Sodoku and no answer will be the right one!

Photo: Brian Tunks

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