Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Final Verdict

After showing you the original model for this vessel I thought it would be good to see the final product. This small 'flock' of  fågel pitchers was shot today in the Canberra studio. It's hard to imagine the finished piece when you see a line drawing and a mess of changes scribbled across a page . When we actually reach that point it's a great feeling (accompanied by a good dose of nerves) as we open the test kiln. Sometimes the colours and shapes we trial are anything but desirable, but they are a stepping stone. With some forms I simply start with a word, 'fertile' for example, and watch how this evolves to become a series of organic vases. 

Our greatest problem (if you could call it that) is that a flood of concepts often follow after a successful shape comes to fruition. I'm thankful every day that the longer I'm in this business the more fulfillment it provides me. After all... how many people do you know who get to play in clay and colour for a living?

Photo: Brian Tunks


  1. I really love these. Beautiful shape. I was so excited when one of my best friends bought me a Mulberry one as a gift from her trip to Canberra in early July. It makes the perfect milk jug.

    I can't wait for the Melbourne store to get them so I can by one in Raspberry... buy one in Delphinium... buy one in Mango... buy one, well you get the drift ;-)

  2. Thanks very busy making lots for Melbourne... and Sydney... and Canberra. Regards Brian