Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winter Sunlight

In my studio at Bison we have a talented team of artisans who bring me enormous pleasure every day. We are incredibly privileged to work in an industry where we can create objects of beauty..get amazingly supportive feedback..and be financially viable. Across most of the world many production studios have closed owing to the rapid growth of mass-manufacturers. We, however, will not be one of those! Today's image comes courtesy of a staff member 'showing me the light' as it were. Late afternoon sunshine was streaming through the studio and hit the shelves with drying greenware (pieces which have been recently thrown/slipped or pressed) which are then placed in the kilns for the first of two firings. The second image shows one of our kilns stacked to the brim with bisqued (once fired) pieces...cooling and waiting for us to glaze and pack them for the final kiln firing which gives pieces their wonderful hues. 

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