Monday, June 20, 2011

All about Eve

It was my niece's birthday recently and my mind turned to what to get the little girl who has everything. It's great having a discussion with children on what they like because it's always linked back to a colour. 'I like pink things' has been her mantra for a while but when the fairy craze dies down and pony club takes over I wonder if it will still be the same...If you cast your mind back to childhood those with siblings often describe how they had 'their' bowl or cup. My much bigger younger brother and I would frequently scrap about who got what colour and my mother appeased us with a selection from her Harlequin dinnerset. Reflecting on this I may have been influenced to create so many colours so I could be guaranteed of getting what I want!

I have a very talented friend who makes little bombs of happiness (cupcakes) for her business. The above photo illustrates some of her handywork and clearly explains why her spontaneous visits to the studio (armed with a box of these delights) is always anticipated. Should you live in Canberra then a detour to her store is mandatory.

Images David Plummer.  Cupcakes courtesy of Belinda  (

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