Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Hail McQueen!

Flipping through a copy of UK Vogue I noted a credit to Alexander McQueen. It bought back to me how inspirational I found his designs both in terms of historical references and impractical but amazing footwear. Who can forget his collection of alien like models gallumping down the catwalk in nearly 10 inch tall 'Armadillo' shoes.(Spring 2010 Collection) The ethereal, hauntingly beautiful hologram of Kate Moss at the end of his 'Brides of Culloden' (March 2006) show is another of those so-called 'fashion moments' which fuse theatre, design, and music together. To imagine the impact this would have had being shown in the space under the glass pyramid at Le Louvre cannot be underestimated. (YouTube : To turn on the television and see commercial channels riddled with the plague of the millennium (Reality TV) really allows you to see the difference between visionaries like McQueen and Tom Ford as opposed to the culturally devoid realm of the instant celebrity. Shows producing hey presto fashion designers and rock stars whose ascent to the dizzy heights of suburban recognition is only matched by their irrelevance twelve months down the track. It's that sense of history and evolution which creates the interest in design and the means by which it is presented. And who could deny that wearing any of his creations would make for a memorable entrance...even if you were on crutches! Image courtesy of

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