Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cathrineholm Enamelware

Lush colours... check! Striking simple motif... check! Interesting design pedigree... check! Welcome to the wonderful world of Cathrineholm. Choose from another five misspellings online and people still know exactly what you are referring to. Norwegian designer Grette Prytz Kittelsen (1917 - 2010) created utilitarian kitchenware with a chic Scandinavian aesthetic. The repetition of her 'lotus' motif unified the shapes in her collection and her colours were both innovative and enticing. Her revolutionary manufacturing processes impacted upon large-scale production in the decades to come. Her talent was recognised with a number of awards, one of which was a Fulbright scholarship to study in the USA. 

I recollect dining at the homes of friends in Malmo in the early 80's and many families still used some of her saucepans and spice containers. As my own taste veers towards repetitive patterns I find her range cohesive rather than over decorated or jarring. I have a selection of pieces myself but have found that specific colours (particularly the rich red) are increasingly rare and sell for high figures. Compared to other enamelware such as the contemporary Reiss range or vintage Finel the Cathrineholm series is one I never tire of. It actually layers particularly well with other forms such as a stack of plain coloured plates or bamboo trays. 

Apologies for the generic image. My car is being serviced and I couldn't get to my studio to shoot my own pieces for this post. Stay tuned... 

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