Saturday, June 25, 2011

Potted Bliss

Several years ago my younger brother had a great wedding at the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery in Canberra. I was asked (as the 'creative brother') to make some small pots for gifts for the attendees. It was a fantastic day and I filled the small herb pots with succulents to keep it all very understated. Alas the day went off too smoothly with no drunken rants or guests tumbling in to the koi pond. My one highlight was witnessing the casual way some people helped themselves to numbers of the pots to take home. I was both flattered and amused but it confirmed at least that people liked them.

I have always loved orchids. There is something very sensual about the flowers and their heady combination of rich colour and irregular stems. I can never get them to grow after they finish flowering at home but at least this photo keeps their momentary beauty alive for me. This image by D Plummer was shot in our Sydney store with myself arranging props in the background. It shows again how keeping a vignette simple works every time.
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