Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bison Mini Milk Bottles

In one of those rare lucid moments during my working day I thought 'wouldn't it be great to make a regatta of small bamboo trays with spoons for oars. I could have three of my Bison Mini Milk Bottles as the rowers!!!'   Well... the result of that burst of inspiration is clear for all to see. Photographed by David Plummer (my long-suffering photographer) I liked the way this image was very simple and almost naive. Quite often I'm surprised by the sheer volume of props used in editorial photography. What starts out as a fantastic grouping of objects ends up groaning under a sea of 'just so' folded napkins and artfully arranged cutlery. It has echoes of too much pattern being used to hide poor design. Call me old fashioned but I like the image to be clean and allow a couple of props to create the context... not the entire contents of Crate and Barrel. (Disclaimer: Please note  that I too have been  guilty of the aforementioned crime of 'overstyling')

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